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home staging author, interior redesign authorFrom Barbara Jennings, Founder and Director
The Academy of Staging and Redesign
Author of Home Staging for Profit and 16 other great books

Now you can learn how to properly arrange the furniture and accessories for any room (whether you're staging a property or doing a redesign)! One of the best ways to learn is by studying the work of others and comparing their before and after pictures. But while you can find before and after pictures on the web, they don't come with any kind of professional critique - so you can't tell whether the work is good, mediocre or poor. This hampers learning. You could wind up thinking a staging project was great, when in reality it was ho-hum or had fatal flaws. The same could be true of a redesigned room. You could think the re-designer did an amazing job, when in actuality there were minor to major mistakes or better ways to have rearranged the room.

You see there are some specific professional rules one should adhere to as much as possible for a successful outcome. If you don't know what those rules are, you're likely to make some mistakes. While some common mistakes the professional make might be minor, they are mistakes never-the-less. So why not learn how you can avoid them? By really grounding yourself in how to properly arrange furniture and accessories, you'll be able to tackle the toughest room with clarity, confidence and success.

Best Selling Author Barbara Jennings Now Reveals Common Mistakes Made by New Students and How to Avoid Them!

dos and donts in home staging and interior redesign"The bulk of the book consists of 101 Case Studies laid out in Do's and Don'ts in Home Staging and Interior Redesign that will help anyone understand more fully the psychology and rules for arranging furniture in a room. Each Case Study shows you the before picture - the way the client had arranged the room before the professional arrived. Commentary will tell you a bit about the situation and point out things in the picture to pay attention to. Then you'll be given the after picture, along with professional critiques on what the stager or re-designer did to improve the situation - both good or not.

In every case the stager or re-designer DID improve the room, but the author will give specific comments about the success or failure of what was done. After a decade of teaching staging and redesign, Barbara Jennings has discovered there are certain aspects of arrangement techniques that continue to be a confusing to students, so it is certainly no surprise that consumers would share these same mistakes - to a greater degree. The only way to actually see the mistakes and learn to recognize good arrangements from lesser arrangements is to study before and after pictures," says the author.

In this 232 page guide, the author discusses:

  • What Are the Diverse Yet Similar Strategies of Staging and Redesign?
  • The Purpose of This Book
  • The Pictures in This Book
  • About the Author
  • Why Sellers Need Help
  • Why Owners Need Help
  • What to Expect
  • 209 Pages of Actual Case Studies including Pictures and Specific Commentary and Critiques
  • Learning From the Success and Failure of Others
  • Courses You Can Take
  • Books You Can Acquire
  • The Best Consultation Aid You'll Find for Staging
  • Where to Get Furniture Moving and Lifting Tools
  • Available Design Training by the Author
  • Where to Get Other Resources and Certification
  • Selected Testimonials

While the vast majority of Case Studies are from Barbara's files pulled from the certification submissions of new students, she has also thrown in some examples of her own early work and has offered criticisms about her own work, not just that of her students. No names are mentioned to protect the innocent, however. If we are honest with ourselves: we all make mistakes; we all over look things; we all grow with time and experience. No one is perfect. But, of course, perfection is our goal. So it behooves us to study what went well and what didn't go so well in the past. And by doing that, we all hope to gain and improve.

If you're a consumer looking for self help, this book will definitely help you avoid the pitfalls and learn great technique. If you're in the business of providing staging and redesign services as a business, this book will greatly aid you in perfecting and honing your design skills - something that you'll find crucial to your ongoing success in your business.

TESTIMONIAL - "Barb this is one of the most practical books you've ever written. Congratulations! Thanks for letting me review it. I found it to be thorough and the Case Studies were very revealing and informative. - D Fahs, Redesign and Art Installations"

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Turning a Young Man's Room Into a Guest Bedroom

arranging furniture, guest bedroom, before pictureAs you would know, the goal of every re-designer is to take what a client already owns and turn a room into something beautiful. Sometimes this is an easy task and involves just a simple rearrangement of the furniture and accessories in the room. And sometimes it involves a good deal more - especially when a room gets repurposed. In this example, a young man living at home moves out to get married. So all of the mess, the collections, the posters (so common to young men) had to go and the owners wanted to convert the room into a new guest bedroom without spending anything other than for paint. It was going to be quite a task.

The first task was, of course, to get all of the stuff out of the room. The full sized bed was exchanged for a queen size bed. The walls were repainted with white (with a tinge of pink tones to pick up on the carpet color). This was a time consuming process because the wall had been covered 30 years ago with a burlap-type wallpaper and strips of wood and the owner wanted to keep it. Bedding was acquired from a closet to cover the bed, and a few new white pillows were purchased to finish off the luxurious look. The homeowner had a long white shelf still in the box under a living room sofa. It had been purchased for a different room, but we were lucky to get to use it in the new guest bedroom. Scouring the home for other furniture and accessories, we found these complementary end tables, a lamp and a floral arrangement. We also found the art packed into a closet and the orchid floral was in a bathroom.

rearranging furniture, guest bedroom, after pictureBy utilizing all of these pieces already in the home and just moving them to their new location, we were able to dramatically change this room into a charming, inviting guest bedroom. By folding the top back on the quilted comforter, and placing a contrasting coverlet across the bottom, the bed instantly looks wider than it is - this is good when staging a room so that buyers can see the room is spacious enough for a large bed, even if it isn't actually a king size bed. When staging a room, put less in the room than you would if merely redesigning it or repurposing it. If this room were being staged, I would have put only one night stand by the bed with a lamp (not two).


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