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Partying on the 4th of July? Make an Inspiring Table Display for Your Guests.

Your holiday table setting should inspire and invite at the same time. So whether you're entertaining guests on the 4th or just having a quite time alone, make your table setting look spectacular. Here are some quick tips:

  • Use red, white and blue as your color scheme.
  • Remember to display your flag outside.
  • Think about how these colors and the setting will look in your dining room or outside.
  • Don't use all 3 colors in equal amounts. Let one color dominate for a more unified look.
  • Make a personalized place setting card for each guest or member of your family.
  • Decorate for men as well as women. Go to plaids and stripes for the men; add flowers and beads for the ladies.
  • For elegant, mute the colors to more subdued variations. For extreme casual, use bold colors.
  • To add some height, incorporate plants with tall containers and tall candles.
  • If you're timid, try white on a colorful tablecloth. Just make it festive and enjoy your party.

Use Vignettes to Add Excitement

Vignettes (groupings) are a great way to add polish and interest to your decorating. Put your vignettes on top of tables, mantels, on shelves, on the floor - just about anywhere. Include an assortment of items: mirrors, photos, greenery, vases, candles, decorative boxes, books and so forth. Here are some quick tips:

  • Look for a good light source to highlight your vignette.
  • Consider the style of your room. If it is traditional, choose a symmetrical vignette; if it is informal, choose an asymmetrical vignette.
  • Add items that blend and enhance the style of the room and the furniture.
  • Choose items that blend with the colors in the room. Like-kinds blend and help attract attention.
  • Display your choices in odd numbers for the most pleasing outcome unless doing a symmetrical arrangement.
  • Reduce the heights of objects in increments of 1/3rd. You can change the heights by adding pedestals or even stacking books under a very small object.
  • Look for a theme: family photos, grouping of candles, etc.
  • Put taller objects in the back. Don't put things in a straight line. Overlap the taller items with smaller ones in front.
  • To blend, pick objects of similar color and texture; for more dramatic effects, vary the textures.
Tips for Cleaning Those Nasty Looking Grills After the Party is Over

You're probably like me and hate to clean those grills - so it's a very good chore to pass off to the hubby. But in case they need some help or you have to do it yourself, here are some tips:

  • Preheat for 10-15 minutes all burners.
  • Scrub with brass bristle brush all the grates before you start cooking.
  • Crumpled aluminum foil crushed into a ball and held with long tongs can substitute for a brush.
  • After grilling, close lid for 10 minutes to burn off all food particles.
  • Turn off heat and rescrub once again.
  • Empty drip pans.
  • Always wear rubber gloves.
  • Replace drip pans when necessary or half filled.

  • Preheat grill with lid on.
  • Open vents and preheat for 30 minutes.
  • Scrub grates just like for gas grills.
  • After done cooking, rescrub grates.
  • Close lid and let coals burn out while burning off leftover food particles.
  • When cool, remove ashes into small metal pan with metal scoop to avoid fire hazards. When ashes are thoroughly cooled, place in aluminum foil for disposal.
If there is a large amount of residue left on the grates after cleaning thoroughly, you may need to buy a new one.

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You see there are some specific professional rules one should adhere to as much as possible for a successful outcome. If you don't know what those rules are, you're likely to make some mistakes. While some common mistakes the professional make might be minor, they are mistakes never-the-less. So why not learn how you can avoid them? By really grounding yourself in how to properly arrange furniture and accessories, you'll be able to tackle the toughest room with clarity, confidence and success.

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dos and donts in home staging and interior redesign"The bulk of the book consists of 101 Case Studies in random order laid out in Do's and Don'ts in Home Staging and Interior Redesign that will help anyone understand more fully the psychology and rules for arranging furniture in a room. Each Case Study shows you the before picture - the way the client had arranged the room before the professional arrived. Commentary will tell you a bit about the situation and point out things in the picture to pay attention to. Then you'll be given the after picture, along with professional critiques on what the stager or re-designer did to improve the situation - both good or not.

In every case the stager or re-designer DID improve the room, but the author will give specific comments about the success or failure of what was done. After a decade of teaching staging and redesign, Barbara Jennings has discovered there are certain aspects of arrangement techniques that continue to be a confusing to students, so it is certainly no surprise that consumers would share these same mistakes - to a greater degree. The only way to actually see the mistakes and learn to recognize good arrangements from lesser arrangements is to study before and after pictures," says the author.

In this 232 page guide, the author discusses:

  • What Are the Diverse Yet Similar Strategies of Staging and Redesign?
  • The Purpose of This Book
  • The Pictures in This Book
  • About the Author
  • Why Sellers Need Help
  • Why Owners Need Help
  • What to Expect
  • 209 Pages of Actual Case Studies including 2 Pictures+ per Case and Specific Commentary and Critiques on each
  • Learning From the Success and Failure of Others
  • Courses You Can Take
  • Books You Can Acquire
  • The Best Consultation Aid You'll Find for Staging
  • Where to Get Furniture Moving and Lifting Tools
  • Available Design Training by the Author
  • Where to Get Other Resources and Certification
  • Selected Testimonials

While the vast majority of Case Studies are from Barbara's files pulled from the certification submissions of new students, she has also thrown in some examples of her own early work and has offered criticisms about her own work, not just that of her students. No names are mentioned to protect the innocent, however. If we are honest with ourselves: we all make mistakes; we all over look things; we all grow with time and experience. No one is perfect. But, of course, perfection is our goal. So it behooves us to study what went well and what didn't go so well in the past. And by doing that, we all hope to gain and improve.

If you're a consumer looking for self help, this book will definitely help you avoid the pitfalls and learn great technique. If you're in the business of providing staging and redesign services as a business, this book will greatly aid you in perfecting and honing your design skills - something that you'll find crucial to your ongoing success in your business.

TESTIMONIAL - "Barb this is one of the most practical books you've ever written. Congratulations! Thanks for letting me review it. I found it to be thorough and the Case Studies were very revealing and informative. I have been riveted to the examples given. - D Fahs, Redesign and Art Installations"

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