Certified Training Available

No training in the industry is as comprehensive and thoroughly developed. With over 1500 pages plus visual tools and sales aids, we've covered every angle to help you succeed.

How Long Does It Take?

Since the courses are self-paced, you determine how long it will take. Some students complete the curriculum in less than a month while others take several months.

Home Staging Books and Ebooks

Not sure you can manage a course? No problem. Get one of our ebooks or manuals. We offer basic training and advanced training - all at the tips of your fingers. Ebooks can be downloaded immediately and are less expensive. Manuals, of course, are more flexible.

What Tools and Sales Aids Can I Get?

There are many proprietary tools and promotional aids available to stimulate business interest and promote your services. Ours are exclusively developed and tried and true.

Do You Cover Pricing, Set Up and Marketing?

Yes. All these topics are well covered in the training process. Should you still have questions, however, you can get on-going free mentoring from the author herself. She also provides 3 monthly newsletters to augment your design and business training.

Certified Staging Specialist Courses and A La Carte Options

Exclusive training as a Certified Staging Specialist and/or Certified Redesign Specialist can only be acquired at one place. After 6 years of development, it is the proven leader in both industries, having participated in the individual successes of thousands of stagers and redesigners all over the United States, Canada and many foreign countries. The CSS and CRS designations are the toughest in the industry to achieve, but are without doubt the most prestigious.

For basic training in home staging, visit Home Staging Training
To compare courses, visit HomeStagingRedesign Courses

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