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Decorating Walls With Style

Stuck for ideas on how to decorate walls in your home? Need a few simple tricks for your entry and other rooms? Well, here are a couple ideas that might solve the dilemma. Your entry is one of the most important areas of your home because it sets the stage for the entire home. It is usually the first area a visitor sees. Often homeowners neglect this area of the home, preferring to concentrate their decorating flair in other parts of the house. But having a welcoming, inviting, warm and appealing entry is very important and should not be neglected. An easy way to make your entry look spectacular and much, much larger (as many homes have small, almost unnoticeable entries) is to add floor to ceiling mirrors. Not only will it make the space look twice as big as it actually is, it will add an element of glamour and polish that one can't get in any other way. See if you can then add a console table and a lovely arrangement of fresh cut flowers. Phenomenal!

Don't be afraid of color. Especially if your home is more contemporary. Try painting each wall a different coordinating color. Notice I wrote "coordinating". The colors must feel and look good together for this to work and they should reflect the general palette in the room established by the furniture and accessories already present. My only caution here is that you want to make sure the room doesn't appear too "pieced up". Notice in this picture that the two walls are the same color, but the kitchen cabinets are a different color. Be sure to wrap each color around the room in some manner so that the space remains balanced.

Creative Ideas for Walls

I don't know about you, but I love home grown art. Maybe because I'm also an artist. But mostly because art you create yourself is a direct reflection of you. There will be no other like it anywhere but in your home. It's not that hard to create and frame and you can totally control the color, subject and size yourself. Here are some ideas for the walls that are easy to create yourself.

You can paint the image yourself or pull out your digital camera and snap some images around your home, of your family, your pets, whatever you want. They can be small prints, made larger with oversized mats and frames, or they can even be blown up professionally into larger images. These look their best when the mats and the frames are the same. It gives the finished grouping a feeling of unity. I also have found it fun to blow up a photo and then crop just a portion of it for one frame, another portion for another frame and so on. It gives a nice contemporary feeling to the space.

Mount decorative fabrics to masonite boards. Or if you don't want to cut up the fabric (as it might fray) you can scan the fabric and print off your scan in any size you want. Then mount the printed image on masonite or other hard surface suitable for hanging. Another way to get this look is to use large 12"x12" tiles. There are companies around that will take any image (photograph, fabric, just about anything) and transfer the image onto a tile for you. Costs are minimal and they make a fantastic wall grouping. Use them in the kitchen or bathrooms.

Most arts and crafts stores, and even your local framer, will probably have some masonite boxes all ready to receive your images. The boxes give the project a three-dimensional look rather than hanging flat against the wall.

How about taking three (try to always work in odd numbers) glass bowls and arranging them artistically on the wall? This type of arrangement isn't done very often and that's what makes it really stunning and unexpected. A glass maker can make them ready for hanging for you. All you have to do is decide how to arrange them.

Look for ways to express your personality that go beyond the ordinary. Accessories are very important because, more than anything else you have in your home, they show your unique personality or image and that of your family. wall groupings book

If you need help in arranging your art or creating interesting wall groupings, we have a nifty book for you. It's full of the concepts that go into creating beautiful wall arrangements and makes it super easy to plan and execute: Wall Groupings! The Secrets of Arranging Art and Photographs

Floating Glass Shelves

Whether you're in home staging or interior redesign, or whether you're a homeowner just looking for unique ways to decorate your home, here is a product worthy of your attention. The floating glass shelves, which can hold a good deal of weight, appear to be floating on the wall. They will look especially stunning in a contemporary setting, but in a staged home, they can have multiple usages. When staging a home, you want really clean, simple lines so that the room never looks cluttered. So you can still display a few items together, yet keep the whole look simple and elegant.

What a great and simple way to display family photographs (see below right photo) or special small collectibles like figurines. Easy to install, these floating glass shelves can be used almost anywhere: straight walls, corners, you name it. Shelving has always been a headache as there just seems to be so little to choose from, and what you find is usually in a country style, not suitable for many settings. Even though the frames of the photographs are traditional, the contemporary glass still looks great. Since the glass shelving is simple in design and presentation, you really don't notice the shelves, just the treasures on them.

Use them in your shower (see upper right photo) or bathroom area to store items you need on a regular basis. Use the floating glass shelves in your kitchen for spices or other items you need nearby when cooking. Create large wall groupings with the glass shelving - the uses are almost endless. For all the details and many more pictures to stimulate your ideas, visit: Floating Glass Shelves.

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