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Curb Appeal Is Essential When Selling a Home - Crucial Tips to Achieve Success

Lighting Up a Kitchen for 2010

It's important to add light to your kitchen but you don't want too much light. Here are a few tips and cautions:

  • Start underneath your cabinets
  • Avoid puck lights that give uneven light and are noticeable
  • Add low-voltage xenon bulbs in various lengths
  • Choose ceiling lights for now, but also later
  • Don't overly embellish a ceiling light
  • Make sure it works with a traditional or contemporary decor
  • Look for popular items such as pendant lights or track lights
  • Tech lighting is good for over an island or counter
  • Glass pendants have stood the test of time
  • Consider art-glass pendant lamps
  • Hand blown lights are really cool
  • Look for lights that enhance the value of the home, which may not be the ones you like the best
  • Choose styles appropriate for the decor but keep future homeowners in mind too

Inexpensive Ways to Update a Kitchen

There are some upgrades to a kitchen that are better than others. Minor kitchen updates can include raised-panel wood doors, new hardware, new sink, energy-efficient appliances. The national average of costs for kitchen upgrades appears to be around $25,000. Major upgrades tend to include stainless-steel appliances, a 3x5 foot island, new floors and custom lights. Upscale updates tend to include custom cabinets, high-end sinks, new faucets, glass backsplashes as well as under-cabinet lighting. Expect to pay over $100,000 for a high end kitchen upgrade.

But here are some upgrades that won't break your bank:

  • Paint the cabinets - don't replace or cover over them
  • Choose high quality painted finish over dented, dinged wood finish
  • Buy new hardware - new pulls, new handles
  • Hardware will give a kitchen added style
  • Replace the faucet with a new modern style
  • Replace the backsplash and give the kitchen new life and a focal point
  • Use glass mosaic tile and make your own custom pattern
  • Change out the flooring
  • Extend the flooring from dining room into kitchen for flow and unity
  • If you really have a tight budget, use puck lights. They are easy to install.

How to Buy House Paint

First you need to decide what area you wish to paint. There is no "one size fits all situations". Here are help helpful tips:

  • Look for good quality paint for less coats and durability
  • Better paint will flow easier and make the task go quicker
  • Hiding power is important, not only regarding what's being covered, but how thick the paint is and if brush marks show or flow out
  • Good flow helps paint brush marks and roller marks disappear upon drying
  • Good flow means less splattering
  • Less splattering makes easier clean up
  • Better paints have more high-hiding pigments
  • Exterior paints include more pigments that resist chalking and fading
  • A binder in the paint adheres to the surface, resists blistering, cracking and peeling
  • Good exterior paint allows you to power-wash it - dirt comes off but the paint stays
  • Good binder helps flow, paint leveling, film formation and gloss development
  • Check the manual for info on flow and binder
  • Pigment determines shininess
  • The more the pigment, the less glossy the finish
  • Different finishes include: gloss, semi-gloss, satin, eggshell and flat
  • The more gloss - the more imperfections will show
  • The more gloss - the easier to clean off dirt and fingerprints
  • Reserve lower sheen paint for lower traffic areas
  • Thicker is better so don't thin paints
  • Latex paint is thinned with water; oil based and alkyd paint is thinned with thinner
  • Thinning reduces the solids content per unit of volume
  • Never use interior paint outside
  • After proper preparation, you can use quality latex paints over oil-based paints but the reverse doesn't work
  • Use oil on oil
  • Most manufacturers offer a good, better and best quality - the price also goes up incrementally with quality

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