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How to Select an Area Rug

Scale is an important factor when choosing any area rug (throw rug). It is just as important as color and pattern.  If you feel hesitant when picking out an area rug, perhaps these tips will help.

  • Keep an even border of the under flooring (carpet, wood or tile floors) all around the rug. Don't butt it up against a wall or furniture. You don't want it to ride up on the baseboards as rugs usually migrate some as people walk on them.
  • Define your room into two sections with two area rugs.
  • Rugs do not have to match. Think blend.
  • Vary the size. Watch your scale.
  • Rugs in front of sofas should be larger than or smaller than the sofa.
  • Most common area rugs are 4x6 or 6x9.
  • These sizes work well under most coffee tables.
  • Common room rugs are 8x11, 9x12 or larger.
  • Use smaller rugs to add color splashes.
  • To keep rug from migrating, put thin piece of plywood under rug if sitting on carpet. Or use tape under corners but make sure tape will not harm carpet or flooring. Look for rugs with non-skid backings.

Use Black to Add Sophistication

If you work at home and entertain work guests at home, you might want to add a more professional feel to your home. One way to do that is to introduce or add extra elements of black, whether it be to your kitchen, dining room or entertainment room. Black and sophistication go hand in hand. Here are some tips to add just the right amount of professionalism:

  • Get rid of any floral or small print wallpaper.
  • Change walls to neutral colors - even gray - choose grayed out colors or soft warmer colors - but keep the walls subdued.
  • Change counter tops to black granite or other modern substance.
  • Add an oversized area rug under dining table that is trimmed in black.
  • Add plants and black ceramics (large and stately).
  • Aluminum appliances will complete the sophisticated feeling.
  • Install recessed halogen lights above work areas.
  • A classy chandelier over the table makes a huge difference - choose something contemporary.

Slipcovers May Be Your Best Answer

As consumers get more budget conscious, new furniture may be out of the question. But that doesn't mean you're stuck with the same old stuff for the indefinite future. Slipcovers may provide a quick and easy solution, especially if you are in the home staging or redesign business.

  • They are very versatile.
  • Hide unattractive upholstery.
  • Help you change up colors instantly.
  • Use darker fabric in the winter; use light colors during hotter months.
  • Use slipcovers with unmatched pieces to bring unity to the room.
  • Choose patterned fabric if your room is sparse or boring.
  • Choose solid fabric if the room is full and a bit cluttered.
  • Ready made tend to fit certain more traditional styles. Custom ordered can be expensive.
  • Consider making your own.
  • Choose closely woven fabrics for durability.
  • 100% cotton is most popular.
  • Heavy weight upholstery fabrics may not be suitable and hard to sew too.
  • Measure several times and make a drawing of each piece (with measurements).
  • Make pattern with inexpensive muslin. Cut pieces to size.
  • Fit muslin to surface of piece you are covering.
  • Make alterations as you pin sections together.
  • Alter pattern as you go.
  • Check the fit on the furniture.
  • Once satisfied, mark muslin accordingly and use a a pattern.
  • Pin muslin pieces to the fabric and cut out the fabric pieces.
  • Sew fabric pieces together.
  • If furniture is wider at top than at the bottom, leave seam open in back.
  • Once slipcover is placed over furniture, close up open seams with bows, zippers or loop tape.

Do's and Don'ts in Home Staging and Redesign

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